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I Had Lost My Mind

Daniel Johnston (1961 – 2019)

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Johnston, Daniel
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I had lost my mind
I lost my head for a while was off my rocker outta line, outta wack
See I had this tiny crack in my head
That slowly split open and my brain snoozed out
Lyin’ on the sidewalk and I didn’t even know it
I had lost my mind

Why, i was sitting in the basement when I first realized it was gone
Got I my car rushed right over to the lost and found
I said « pardon me but I seem to have lost my mind. »
She said « Well can you identify it please? »
I said « Why sure its a cute little bugger
About yea big a little warped from the rain »
She said « Well then sir this must be your brain »
I said « Thank you ma’am I’m always losin’ that dang thing. »

I had lost my mind

Publié le : 30/09/2019
Date : 1982